Our Story

Home, as we all know, is the place where most people wish to live and remain as long as possible. Home is a place where people wish to recuperate, and rehabilitate. Home is also a place where people lead healthier and happier lives.

We deliver on our mission every day by providing professional and highly trained staff to support Montana’s elderly, disabled, and recuperating citizens, enabling them to live in their own homes as safely and independently as possible.

Every situation is different, and every Client has unique needs and goals. Our Nurses and Service Specialists develop a “Plan of Care” designed to meet those individual needs – in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

HomeCare Montana is a Charitable Purpose corporation, a Montana not for profit corporation. We invest our resources in our Clients, in our Nurses, and in our Personal Care Attendants. Our Management and Service Delivery Teams are guided by a commitment to see that all Montanans have access to the best HomeCare available.

Leadership Team

In 1995, with startup offices in Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula, a few dedicated Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, and a management support team began what has become a statewide business serving Montana, and Montana only. Now, with nine offices around the state, we are proud to be a part of your local community and your neighbors.

Our Directors and Management staff have each lived and worked in Montana for most of their lives. They are from eastern Montana, western Montana, larger communities, rural communities, and native communities. Their experience and understanding of Montana, its communities, and its people serve as our motivation and purpose.

Larry Dominick President

Larry Dominick is one of those community leaders who founded HomeCare Montana in 1995. Larry has lived in Montana and worked with Montana’s healthcare industry for 40 years. Larry still serves as the President of the corporation. His vision of serving the people and communities of this great State with quality HomeCare services still guides those professionals who are part of our HomeCare Montanan team.

Larry and his wife Cassie live in Belgrade, Montana. They have two grown daughters and a first of what will hopefully be many grandchildren.

Dawna Brinkel CEO

Dawna Bryan Brinkel was born in Bozeman and raised on a ranch south of Gallatin Gateway. She hails from a long line of caregivers: her great-grandmother, grandmother, two aunts, and sister were all nurses. Dawna’s youngest daughter is also a nurse.

While raising her two daughters, Dawna graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance and a minor in Economics. After graduating, Dawna worked at the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), while there she helped Larry Dominick launch HomeCare Montana in July 1995. She began working full time for HomeCare Montana in December 1995 as part of the management team. As Personnel Officer, amongst many other roles, she advocated for Personal Care Attendants and the work they do by promoting increased wages, health care for health care workers, and training. Dawna served as Chief Financial Officer before rising in the ranks to become Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of HomeCare Montana.

Dawna is devoted to the elderly, disabled, and veterans of Montana. She prides herself on helping those in need remain independent as long as possible by keeping them safely and comfortably in their homes and offering them solace in their choice to stay at home. Dawna also strives to ensure that HomeCare Montana’s Personal Care Attendants are recognized for their work by advocating for the advancement of personal care as a profession through advanced training.

In her spare time Dawna enjoys ranching, horses, camping, archery shooting, picking huckleberries, cooking, and hunting. But most of all she enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren since they bring it all home for her.

Rosemarie Jones Board of Director

Rosemarie Jones is a member of HomeCare Montana’s Board of Directors after serving as Chief Operations Officer for HomeCare Montana for many years. She was born in Butte, Montana and completed high school in Dillon, Montana. Rosemarie married and started her family in Dillon and then moved to Three Forks, Montana in 1984 where she still resides today.

Rosemarie worked as a personal care attendant in Montana for ten years before getting her Nursing Degree in 1995. At that time she went to work for HomeCare Montana (formerly Home Care Services) as the Nurse Supervisor for the Bozeman Office. In January 2000 Rosemarie was promoted to Director of Operations and then was appointed the Chief Operations Officer by the Board of Directors.

Rosemarie also served as the Executive Director of Advanced HomeCare Institute which is dedicated to advanced training for personal care attendants, scholarships for nursing students, and education assistance for employees.

Rosemarie has devoted the past 33 years to assisting the elderly and disabled. She has been working for HomeCare Montana for the past 23 years and continues to advocate for and work with the elderly and disabled to remain safe in their home and provide advanced training for all personal care attendants. With the dedication and help of entire HomeCare Montana Team, Rosemarie will continue to keep the people of Montana safe in their home with the assistance they require from well-trained personal care attendants.